Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Foliage - Colorado Rocky Mountain Style

Today is a gorgeous day and the house was scheduled to be shown for a two-hour time block. Hmm... what a great excuse to head to the hills and admire the colors of nature from the changing leaves. My "nephew" Snozzie is my companion this week while my brother and sister-in-law are in PA visiting friends and relatives. He accompanied me on the adventure but I didn't get a good photo of him, as he was not willing to sit still for long. Jack Russells are like that!

I'm praying and hoping that this is my last autumn in Colorado. I'm ready to head east at any moment. I just need to have the house be sold. I took the route most familiar to me for good foliage viewing - the route to my sister and brother-in-law's home before they sold it and moved to PA.

For almost a week now we've been seeing the yellow patches on the mountain side grow as the aspen trees have started to change. Here's the view from my house as I look to the higher elevations.
There's not a lot of captioning to do for the rest of the shots. I took a LOT because this is turning out to be a stellar year for the deep gold colors. Not a lot in the rusts or oranges so far but one of the best years ever for the trees being in all their glory at the same time and being such brilliant shades of yellow.

Enjoy the view. I'm looking forward to one of my PA bloggers posting fall colors from that neck of the woods! This panorama doesn't do justice to the breathtaking beauty but it's kind of cool, huh?

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