Wednesday, January 26, 2011

B90 - Day 26, January 26, 2011

1 Kings 17 - 2 Kings 4

1 Kings chapter 17 is the first time we hear of Eliyahu/Elijah. He's introduced to us as he speaks some powerful words, "As ADONAI the God of Isra'el lives, before whom I stand, there will be neither rain nor dew in the years ahead unless I say so."and then God tells Elijah to go to a stream where He will provide food and water for Elijah. It makes me wonder at the awesome relationship Elijah must have had with God. To speak those words with confidence, Elijah had a lot going on in his life and spiritual relationship that we don't even get to hear about. A few verses later, God performs two miracles - one with the sustaining of the flour and oil so that Elijah would have food and the other miracle in restoring life to the woman's dead son because Elijah had called out to God for it. After reading about all the evil kings for many chapters, it sure is uplifting to read again about God's blessings on a righteous person. 
So three years went by before Elijah heard God's word that it was time for rain and the famine would end. I don't think it was three years of spiritual famine for Elijah, though. From the following verses, I get the impression that Elijah was having a busy three years in concert with God. Look at verse 1 Kings 18:12
"But as soon as I leave you, the Spirit of ADONAI will carry you off to I don't know where;
Obadiah said this because, apparently Elijah had been reported to be in many places over the last three years but then was nowhere to be found when they went to fetch him. Was God supernaturally moving him from place to place? I think it's entirely possible, and not much different from how Elijah eventually makes his exit from this world. Elijah doesn't die, he's taken to heaven. He must have been quite a man! It's also clear that Elijah, a man of God, merited a LOT more space in the Bible than the recounted stories of the evil kings who only got a few verses each. Elijah was playing a part in the redemption of Israel while the kings were dragging the nation down.
Well, I did have more thoughts on this reading but I still have two chapters to finish and it's getting to be evening so I'll post this now. See you in three days!  

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