Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My fuzzy fun

This post is a kind of mid-week reassurance tonic for my friends, Steph & Steve. You see, they're on vacation this week and I'm looking after their cats, etc. I visit once a day and freshen everything for the kitties and give them some lovin'. I'd been told that Zeus would most likely hide for the duration whenever I stopped by and it was normal. Well, it's not been that way at all and I'm loving it!

Fez is the outgoing cat. He came to see me the first day and was happy to hang out for awhile. Zeus came to investigate and decided I didn't look too dangerous so he stayed with us until I left. Ever since, they're both by the door to greet me each day when I arrive:

The two of them follow me while I refill the food bowls and get fresh water. As soon as it looks like I'm about done with chores, they head to the sofa because they know the lovin' and cuddlin' comes next. Surprisingly, Zeus is usually the one to get to the sofa first.

I usually give them some brushing time, too. Whichever one gets on my lap first gets the first brushing. Today it was Zeus. I think he was attracted by the paparazzi aura when he saw the camera. Fez sat patiently on the side while Zeus was on my lap.

And, eventually (I'm sure it felt like FAR TOO LONG,) it was Fez's turn under the "brush":

I hope Stephanie and Steve are having a great vacation. I know I'm enjoying my time with their kitties! :-)

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