Sunday, October 2, 2011

House update on a rainy day

Here's the latest on the house situation:
  • A young couple with two babes (one infant, one toddler) viewed the house on Friday. Their realtor said they loved the house. The official feedback is "Somewhat Interested - It would take quite a bit of work to get it updated and finish the upstairs."
  • There was a showing on Saturday and the feedback is "House too unusual for this buyer."
  • There was a showing this morning (with only 45 minutes notice beforehand at 9:45am!!) - no feedback yet.
Shortly after Snozzie and I returned from our vacating the premises for the showing, the rain clouds started to leak, slowly at first, and the finches began to gather on the (nearly empty) thistle feeder. The rain became quite a downpour for a few minutes and the birds stayed on the feeder so I decided I'd better refill it for them. Most of the birds flew to the other side of the railing when I reached for the feeder but there were two yellow finches that I had to nudge with my finger to get them to relinquish the precious hardware. I have one finch who is quite verbal with me, approaches me closely and seems to complain a lot and, on occasion, even seems to carry on a friendly greeting & conversation with me. I'm sure this was one of the finches who required the extra prodding.

As soon as the feeder was refilled, the birds were ready to go. In fact, two finches (probably the same two I had to nudge OFF the feeder) were sitting on the feeder bracket and had to be nudged into moving so I could hang it back up. I'm sure they would have landed and started eating if I had merely held the feeder up by my hand.
It took awhile for all the birds to either get their fill or find a place on the feeder. Here's the initial scramble. There are 18 birds on the feeder and 3 on the bracket....

...several hanging out on the bistro table... (aren't they just the cutest little guys??)

...and one on the chair
I do believe the one on the chair is the sassy/chatty one I mentioned earlier. He gave me an ear-full today, too.

Eventually, a couple birds vacated the feeder and the ones that were waiting to be seated found room at the feeder.

I took the Gazanias down from their hooks and set them on the deck floor so they could benefit from the rain. One of the plants has just burst again into bloom. The other one is still working on some buds so it may look as beautiful again in a few more days.

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