Saturday, October 8, 2011

Catching Up - Bread baking on Thursday

Thursday was a beautiful fall day. It was a bit chilly in the shade with temps in the low 50s but we had lots of sun. If you know the mountain weather, a sunny day feels warm as long as you keep out of the wind and shade!

The aspen across the valley from the house had an especially brilliant golden glow on Thursday. I kept stopping to look and enjoy them while I was working in the kitchen.

I was down to only two slices of bread left on Thursday morning so set about baking a couple loaves. I wanted to try the soft oatmeal sandwich bread recipe that my sister found in an old cookbook and had said it turned out very well. My first go-round with it at high altitude was less than perfect but I'm happy with the flavor and will give it another shot. I think I let it rise too long, maybe on both the first and second risings. It wasn't intentional but the dough seemed to balloon way more than expected between times that I checked it, after rising very slowly just prior to the ballooning process.

The dough loaves were picture perfect when I took them from their rising spot and waited for the oven to finish pre-heating. But within less than 10 minutes, the dough dome began to deflate. The dough didn't fall any further after I put it in the oven so the bread isn't terribly dense but it must be a bit more dense than it should be. The flavor is wonderful. I shared a loaf with friends at dinner on Thursday night and they agreed that it is a delicious bread recipe. Thanks for sharing, Kristine! I'm going to make it again without any changes for high altitude, except to rise for a shorter time and see how it comes out. Here's a picture of the first results.

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