Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That Was One Expensive Hail Storm!

Remember the post about the June 11 hail storm? I included some photos and was mostly happy that my tomato plants were protected and didn't get damaged. I did call the insurance company and request that the adjuster come and check things out because the hail took the finish right off the west end of the house. He did a thorough inspection and wrote up a claim, telling me that my roof was ruined, along with other damage to a couple rain gutter downspouts, etc. I just got an email from the insurance company, along with the adjuster's report. The damage total is $30,659.12 **gasp** That's TEN YEARS worth of insurance premiums!! I'm so glad I have good insurance coverage. One of the roofers that I'm considering for the job was here this evening to get his final inventory done so he could give me a bid. I still have to contact the person who did the staining 2 or 3 years ago so he can give me a bid to do the refinishing on the west and south sides of the house. Lots of work to do to get all of this righted again. I thank God for the good people He's directed me toward so far.

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  1. **gasp** !!


    That's 5 years of my annual salary!