Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Extra! Extra! Tomatoes Update!

I keep forgetting to get my tomato photos when it's still light out but I couldn't NOT let you know about the grand time we're having with the deck garden. Last week I had two green tomatoes. Ken and I counted them on Sunday. This week I have NINE in various stages. The two from last week were just larger than a marble. This week they're well on their way to being half the size of a ping pong ball. Others are anywhere from tiny (like a pellet from a pellet gun) to marble size. I have one cluster of three green tomatoes on the heirloom striped plant. I have no idea how much they may have cross-pollinated but that's OK, as long as they're tomatoes! I may even have a few hidden in the leaves that I haven't counted yet. And there are still lots of blossoms. I get excited each day when I come home from the office and look at them. I'm looking forward to a jar of sauce I can open this winter and recall the fun of growing the tomatoes in the warm summer months.

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  1. Wow - took two of you to count two maters last week, eh? That complex math must have been a challenge ;-)
    Joking aside, it does get me excited at the possibilities of using our PA garden to teach Sam things like counting and other mathematics in addition to all the earth sciences / chemistry / nutrition / etc. What a fun classroom!