Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tea - Beautiful to the eye as well as delicious to drink

I came across an interesting package of tea today while Kristine and I were in Denver running errands. I was intrigued as soon as I saw the lovely photo of a flower within the tea pot. According to the packaging, all you had to do was to put one of the pods in your teapot, cover with boiling water and watch the flower unfold as the plant rendered the water into a delicious pot of green tea. Here is one of the individual envelopes from the box:
 And here's a photo of the pod in my hand and then waiting in the pot while I brought water to a boil:

I had my doubts that this hard, grey-green pod could become the beautiful flower that was pictured on the packaging but I was wrong... Oh, SO wrong:

Isn't that a beautiful flower? This particular pod brewed a delicious green tea with vanilla flavor. I'm enjoying a cup now - come join me for a cuppa! I think I'm going to like this!!

I went out to the Primula tea website and found this information:
What are Primula Flowering Teas? Primula Flowering teas are hand-sewn individual tea leaves combined with delicate flowers. Flowering teas are sewn into small clusters and unfurl when placed into hot water. Flowering teas dance around while brewing. The tea brews while the flower blooms. 
How many cups of tea can one flower make? Each Primula Tea Flower can be brewed 3 times. Since our tea pot holds 5 cups of tea, each flower can make 15 cups. 
How do I re-brew my flower? We recommend using each Primula Tea Flower up to 3 times in a 24 hour period. After you have enjoyed your first pot of tea just pour hot water back over the flower and allow it to brew to your desired strength. Many people say that the 2nd pot of tea actually produces the best flavor.  

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