Thursday, April 29, 2010

The calendar may say it's spring...

...but we're enjoying a lingering touch of winter here today. 

Compare to yesterday: think sandals, capri pants, light blouse with short sleeves, no jacket required. It was sunny and high 60s. My thoughts turned to getting the garden bed ready when I let it wander. Today I see images of shriveled, frozen tomato plants in my mind's eye if I think about a garden. I've lived here in the mountains for 17 years now. I KNOW this happens every spring and yet, somehow, I let myself fall victim to the terrible, very contagious spring fever virus each and every year. Hope springs eternal!

My little tomato seedlings are still tucked away under their grow light in a warm space and most are doing quite well. They have 6 leaves and some have even more. Last weekend I planted a few more seeds that had sprouted for Roma and Beefsteak varieties. I don't know what happened to their determination but, so far, only one Roma is showing signs of life.

Today I'm looking forward to a field trip to Cresset Farm with Kristine and Kent. I've printed out some information so I can ask questions and possibly sign up for a CSA in veggies and fruits. Until it's time to get on the field trip bus I'm going to spend some time in my craft room. Awhile back I posted tidy photos of fabric purchased for a hand quilting project. All the pre-cut squares needed to be washed. Well, now they need ironed. I'm going to tackle that first, just so I can get them stacked and make room on the table for my cutting board. I want to cut the lattice strips for the Tuscan quilt and get back to work on that. It's been over a month since I've touched it. I keep going back to the knitting - the Yggdrasil blanket is so fun to work on and really interesting to see it developing.

Off to the craft room now!

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