Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amazing Feat or Amazing Feet?

Sam turned 1 year old on Saturday. For his first impressive feat of his 2nd year, he started walking on his own on Sunday! Here are a couple frames I pulled from the video. Sam looks pretty happy with the results. How I wish I could be there to have him walk into my arms!

 My tomato seedlings are doing very well. Three of the plants now have their second sets of leaves. 
My Beefsteak and Roma seeds and Golden Midget watermelon seeds are still sitting in their damp paper towels to sprout. I checked them this morning and no sign of activity yet. I spent some time this morning putting my notes together and saving the information on the seeds I've planted. None of my three seeds germinated for the "Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato" but, after reading the description of them again today, I'm going to try again. After I post this blog entry I'm going to set more of the Matt's seeds to soaking. I'd really like to grow them.

We've been having an amazing amount of rain the past few days. We had a real live thunderstorm last night. I hope that bodes well for the gardens this year. After last year's dreadful season, even for the most experienced in this area, it would be fun and rewarding to have a bountiful crop this year.

Becca is afraid of thunderstorms. She was quite anxious about the rain last night, even a couple hours after the thunder had stopped. We went to bed around midnight and the only way she was able to lay down was to get her head between the bed and the nightstand like she was in a protected area. There was no thunder at that point, just the sound of heavy rain on the roof and deck. She did her usual turn on the deck this morning until it started to rain again. Right away she wanted to come back inside even though she has the protected area of the deck and there was no thunder. I know several other Samoyeds and none of them are afraid of rain or storms. I wish I could know what scared Becca.

Off to soak seeds now!

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