Sunday, May 2, 2010

Homemade Butter and Oat Waffles - Just the thing for a cold morning!

We're having a cold (low 40s) day, overcast, with the threat of rain or snow. So what makes for a tasty brunch on such a day? I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I also made sweet cream butter with the cream from my raw milk from the last two weeks. I weighed it today and it's just a few grams shy of 1/4 lb. I had cultured the cream from last week and mixed it with the fresh cream from this week. They sat for about an hour to come to room temperature before "churning" in the food processor. The buttermilk came out very good, too, as if all of it had been cultured. I learned from the first time that the buttermilk is downright nasty if the cream doesn't culture for at least a day. I had 2 cups of buttermilk from the process but at least 1/2 cup was due to extra milk that got skimmed with the cream. 

I've found a new waffle that I like. It's made from oat bran and uses honey for sweetener. I've been making a batch on Sunday and eating one for breakfast, leaving four more for my breakfasts through the week. I make the batch at one time, lay out the waffles on the cookie sheet and freeze. Then I can put them all in one storage bag and remove them as needed. So picture my waffle with homemade butter and organic maple syrup and a big smile on my face and tummy!

I have an antique wooden butter bowl and paddle that I'd love to use for the final steps in making the butter, just to get the original experience. But the bowl is made for a large batch of butter. My 1/4 lb. would get lost in the bowl. I took a photo just to show the funny difference in size of my batch versus an old-fashioned size batch made by a family who had a milking cow and a daily cream source. Someday I'm going to use this bowl! Kristine and I have been daydreaming about Valerie, Stephanie, Kristine and myself sharing a cow in Pennsylvania one of these days. We learned this past week that an average daily milk gathering would be around 5 gallons. Now THATS enough cream to use my antique bowl!

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