Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The hills are alive... with the sound of snowblowers!

It's a snow day from work, yeay!! We had a snow storm move into the Rockies yesterday afternoon. It's was amazing how quickly the weather deteriorated. It was sunny in the morning and then turned cloudy and colder. The snow didn't start until just before 5pm and, by the time I headed home from the office at 6pm, the snow was 3" deep on my car and there were vehicles spinning tires to get up small grades. By 7pm, DIA was down to only one inbound and one outbound runway. It closed completely a bit later.

Here's a photo of the snow on the deck around 10am today. I had to do some shoveling if I wanted to clear an area for Becca and make my way to the bird food to refill the feeders. There was a large conference of birds that were counting on me. Becca was quite relieved to be able to make it to the edge of the deck with an area cleared so she could do her usual camping out to watch the road below. It took 1 1/2 hours just to shovel the deck - it's a heavy, wet snow.
With the dreary sky and day at home, what's a girl to do? Play in the kitchen, of course! I decided to bake a pie. I made the crust using the pastry flour that I milled from pastry berries and it was the first time to try it this way. I had extra dough after rolling out the 2 crusts for the blueberry pie so I rolled it out again and cut circles just like grandma used to do. I put a teaspoon of homemade blackberry-strawberry jam in the center of each circle, then topped it with another pastry circle. I crimped the edges with a fork, just like grandma's, too. I had to try a couple forks until I found one that really looked like gram's circles. I love, love, love baked pie crust. This is a perfect way to use the extra dough and enjoy a special treat. There's a chocolate cake in the oven now - for anyone who doesn't care for pie. Come on by!

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